Monday, October 3, 2011

The Rogue Diaries

I arrived back on server after a long vacation away from the toils of Azeroth. The first two weeks were spent getting brought up to speed on the most recent of events since last I ventured out into the world of warcraft.
It wasn't too long before i realized that my current load out was not sufficient to do battle with the foes I knew I would have to fight. I would prove to be a better toothpick for Deathwing then a threat in my present form. The local holiday, that seems to be very popular with the Dwarven race, has proven to be a great source for some equipment, primarily as they are to intoxicated to notice me taking their trinkets. I will admit that it has also taken a few nights away from me......I may never be able to show my face again at the Blue Recluse after that scene.

My first altercation with deathwings forces was in a heated battle with his son, Nefarian, and his daughter, Onyxia. I had heard tales of old back before the dark portal and before the fall of the lich king. about the massive offensive that was launched and the successful capture of Onyxia's lair and Blackwing Lair. I was very surprise to be face to face with those that i had once presumed dead. It was only a minor challenge to bring them down once more as had been done in the past. But it is but only one of the hurdles that I must jump in order to help restore peace here in Azeroth.

As of late i have heard voices carried through the winds that sweep the streets of Stormwind. I hear rumors of a pair of  Legendary daggers. I must look further into these whispers and rumors.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its Been Awhile

Well a lot has happened since my last post both in game and in real life. The biggest of these thigs would have to be the drop of 4.2. A lot of peoples weeks and even months were made by this. Before it dropped it seemed that interest in the games content was dwindling. People were getting burnt out and were canceling their subscriptions until the next content patch. Raiding teams found it hard to raid on their regular schedule. Now i know not everyone was bored and lost interest. But i do think 4.2 couldn't have come any sooner. It introduced great content for those people looking to get back into raiding as well as the casual player wanting to quest. Then new Fireland quests are a great continuation of the story and fight in Mount Hyjal. I haven't gone through it all yet but i am having a glorious time experiencing all of the new content with my paladin and Death Knight. I have yet to go through it with any none plate characters as of yet. As always please send you questions to Have fun and go experience the World of Warcraft

Monday, May 2, 2011

Armor Paint

4.1 has now been live for nearly a week. We have now had some time to start getting use to all the new changes. Some classes have broken mechanics and some bugs are still being hammered out. Just as we are getting settled in Blizzard throws a sneak peak into the next patch. They have released more screenshots and even the preview to some of the tier 12 sets. I would have to say that my pick for best looking tier 12 set would have to be between Paladin and priest. I would have to say they all look pretty damn good and it seems to be a promising set of gear on looks. Use this link to see the tier sets

The sets look great but will we have full matching sets. Will the belt and boots match the set for each classes specs. Will a pror pally have a full matching set? Will a Warlock have a belt to match its robe? Will Blizzard have the paint option available for 4.2 or will we have to wait for 4.3? I would like to see there be three colors for each classes tier. It doesnt have to be huge differences but a little variation wouldn't hurt the game. Also assesorie pieces like belts and boot s should be able to be reskinned to match the set you are wearing. The reskins would only be to other belt models of the same armor type and of the same item level. They have already said they are working on some way to customize you gear but havent released any specifics on how they plan on accomplishing that task.

Alright this is a pretty short post. I will post more about 4.1 as I continue to explore the new additions or remakes that have emerged with 4.1. If you have any questions regarding anything to do with WoW i will be glad to help you out as best I can. You can contact me through twitter @fuzzmonkey11 or by email at I wish you fair winds and following seas.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Call to Arms- Cataclysmic Failure or Great solution

Call to Arms, is it a blunder that Blizzard will later have to take away or is a legitimate solution to the long ques experienced at the higher levels. In Wrath I only had one level 80 character throughout the most part of the expansion. The character was a paladin. I leveled the character as protection for the instant ques. When I leveled the paladin I had a friend that was already raiding with his paladin tank. So I didn't have to fail much to learn how to tank. I had an external resource to help me along the way. Now when cataclysm hit I wasn't comfortable tank the randoms off the bat so I leveled to 85 and geared up my retribution spec. Now I have a heroic dungeon geared ret spec and only a half geared Tank spec. For me the wasn't worth the extra responsibility of tanking randoms and I instead relied on guild mates or sat through the 45 minutes ques. With this new feature I would have more of an incentive to run the randoms as tank rather then dps. If more hybrid classes now use their tank spec rather then their dps spec then there will be more tanks then before. Conversely there will be a lot more tanks that aren't skilled or geared enough to run the random heroics in that role.

I can see both sides to the argument but I don't think we can make this off as a fail just yet. I feel that this could be a legitimate solution as long as we let it run its course for a little while upon release. I think that the problem with fail tanks will surface immediately upon release but will shortly correct itself when those tanks get a little bit better gear and more experience under their belts. I will stay optimistic about this change until it shows that it wont work. Until then i will run with my pally tank and reap the rewards while they last. Stay safe and have fun.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughts on Mr. Robot

Recently I have found the website Its purpose is to import your character from the wow armory and depending on your class and spec it will tell you what your BiS items are and can even optimize your current gear. It works well to a point. It will give you a good start on what you should be working on getting for you gear but the problem is it gets a little buggy when it comes to hit caps and stat weights. You should also learn about your class and know what stats are important to your class.

Ok for an example when you raid hit cap is priority number one. For melee dps and hunters the hit cap is 8.00%. When I imported my Retribution Paladin into the page it calculated my BiS and enchants and at first glance all looked well. I then checked the stats only to find that with the reforging and enchants they proposed would only give a hit rating of 7.90% now this doesnt seem like much but on raid bosses it will compute to a good chunk of dps. It is said that it is better to be a little over hit cap then to be under it.

That being said it is a good place to start if you are new to your class. Use this tool correctly and it can save you a tremendous amount of time. But do take care and use the information you get from the site with a skeptical eye. If you don't think something is right just run a Google search or ask someone in game.

If you have any questions you can email me at or on twitter @fuzzmonkey11

Friday, April 1, 2011

How to level new characters

It seems like an easy question but there are multiple different ways to level your character. You can quest from zone to zone the old fashion way. You can grind through pvp with battlegrounds and gain good experience as long as your winning. You could also grind random dungeons. It all depends on game preference but in my opinion the fastest way to level is to go from zone to zone the old fashion way. If i was leveling a tanking toon i could see grinding the randoms but if you don't have access to the instant que capability of a tank then the time it takes to get another random would make it hard to get into dungeons quickly. Realistically you will actually do a little of all three to level the fastest. The way that I currently level my  a toons is by questing zone to zone until about level 57 or 58. I will also que and complete every dungeon once as they become available. At 57 or 58 i will do random battlegrounds till 60. At level 60 before going to outlands i will use the honor points accumulated to buy the pvp level 60 epic set as it will last you throughout all of outlands. Then its back to questing zone to zone in outlands. Again pvping at 67 or 68 to get pvp level 70 epics for Wrath.

In order to level the fastest you not only have to level the right way but you also have to have the right gear, guild and possibly even the right friends. The best way to get to 60 is by recruit-a-friend. Other ways to increase experience gains is with the heirloom gear. And yet another way to increase speed of leveling is with the proper guild. If your in a guild with a guild level of 6 or higher you will have a 10% experience increase from mobs. With a level 20 guild and full heirloom gear you will have a 40% increase to the amount of experience you are gaining.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello everyone

I am Fuzzmonkey, a college student that has been playing World of Warcraft off and on since mid Burning Crusade. I started playing WoW when a couple friends started playing durning my Christmas break of my freshman year of school. I first rolled a warrior as I'm partial to plate and the awesomeness that radiates from the massive gear that decorates you at the higher levels. But I soon found a flaw with leveling a warrior at the time and that was that it was difficult for me to quest solo with no other way to heal myself between fights other then with bandages and healing potions. So i rerolled this time as a pally. This would be my first main. I enjoyed the dps capability and the survivability of the class. When Wrath came out I liked the look of the Death Knights and enjoyed the background story they added. I created a Death Knight and played around with it slightly only to loss interest a couple days in. I picked the DK back up near the end of Wrath after the updates to the trees made blood spec a very easy spec to level. I got my Death knight to level 80 shortly before the release of cataclysm. Up to this point I had only dealt with hybrid classes. I had never tried a pure dps class beyond level 30. So I decided that I would try to roll a hunter. I had come to despise hunters up to this point from a tank prospective. Huntards was the term i found myself mumbling  as I did randoms. I was able to level the hunter very fast as I had a linked account with another friend back before the two person flying rocket mount. I got the hunter up to level 80 before cata aswell. As of now i have three level 85 characters. The pally, DK, and hunter are all heroic geared and raid ready, some a little more then others but still able to raid. I have also gone back and started leveling my Warrior  and a rogue that was a beneficiary of the granted levels from the linked accounts. I would in no way call myself a master of these classes but i do know how they work and if not where to look for the correct information. My plan for this blog is to put out what I find works for me with my toons and also some general advice that I pick as I play through the World of Warcraft. I would also like to answer peoples questions if they have any. If you do have a question for me you may reach me at